Corporate Goal

As a solution provider, DEVIGUS aims to help its customers achieve greater productivity through the use of intelligent and high-quality IT solutions. In addition, DEVIGUS is intended to create an attractive workplace through a creative and fulfilling working environment for above-average talented and motivated employees.

Our most important differentiation criterion is the consistent and uncompromising delivery of the agreed quality. Even when we are under pressure and deadlines are tight, we ensure the quality of our products and services through our working methods and project management methodology. Sometimes less is more. We do not offer less quality than agreed. You can always rely on the agreed quality of our products and services wherever you are.

In the fast-growing area of DEVIGUS Shareholder Services, the focus is on successful market entry with the products we have developed for Share Register management and the preparation and holding of general meetings. Based on the uncompromising quality of our products, the objective transferred to Shareholder Services is our vision for the area of Shareholder Services.

As early as 2500 years ago, the philosopher Heraclitus realised that nothing was as constant as change itself. Of course, this also applies - or even more so - to us. The change from a pure software provider to a service provider of the entire business process around share register management and the shareholders' meeting is becoming increasingly clear. Our customers increasingly perceive us as an integral service provider for their shareholder service needs. And that's a good thing. The virtues of our background - methodical software development - are transferred responsibly into the future in this change process. The successful combination of IT and process know-how is already very important today and will become an even more decisive competitive advantage in the future. We work on this for our customers.