Our Team

All our employees have a sound education with a university degree or higher technical college degree. In addition, the continuing education training to become a specialist, such as MCP or MCSD including their certification, is an explicit proof of competence.

DEVIGUS is supported by the various employees who contribute their individuality and creativity. Respect for the individual is not only part of the corporate culture, it also enables everyone to help define and develop this culture.

Our credo that the way to satisfied customers leads through enthusiastic employees, enables us furthermore to deliver uncompromising quality and surprising top performance to our customers. In this way, we create an optimal working environment for above-average team performance.

  • Arturo Devigus | Dipl. Ing. ETH
    Executive MBA HSG
    E-Mail: ad(at)devigus.com

  • Ruedi Krummenacher | Wirtschaftsinformatiker HF
    Executive MBA Hochschule Luzern/FHZ
    Head of Shareholder Services
    E-Mail: rk(at)devigus.com

  • Carole Mayor | Lic. rer. publ. HSG
    Finance and Administration
    E-Mail: cm(at)devigus.com

  • Louis Kirchner | Dipl. Ing. HTL
    Head of Shareholders' Meetings
    E-Mail: lk(at)devigus.com

  • Philipp Frei | Dipl. Elektro-Ing. ETH, MBA Luzern
    Dipl. Informatiker NDS FH | CAS in Information Security
    Security Coordinator | Share Register Software Architect
    E-Mail: pf(at)devigus.com

  • Daniel Röllin
    Quality Manager | Infrastructure Manager
    E-Mail: dr(at)devigus.com

  • Elias Oehen | Dipl. Wirtschaftsinformatiker HF
    Head of Software Development
    E-Mail: eo(at)devigus.com       

  • Yvonne Kleber
    Shareholder Services
    E-Mail: yk(at)devigus.com

  • Raimondo Brucculeri
    Marketing & Organization
    E-Mail: rb(at)devigus.com

  • Stefan Jetzer | Bachelor of Science FHO in Informatik
    Software Engineer
    E-Mail: sj(at)devigus.com

  • Rafael Huber
    Shareholders and Sales Project Manager
    E-Mail: rh(at)devigus.com

  • Irène Suter
    Shareholder Services
    E-Mail: si(at)devigus.com

  • Rafael Franzi
    Shareholders and Sales Project Manager
    E-Mail: rf(at)devigus.com

  • Fabian Wigger | Dipl. Ing. Informatik FH
    Lead Quality Manager | Test Architect
    E-Mail: fw(at)devigus.com

  • Christian Zingg | Dipl. Ing. FH
    Software Engineer
    E-Mail: cz(at)devigus.com

  • Fabio Meyer
    Shareholders and Sales Project Manager
    E-Mail: fm(at)devigus.com