DEVIGUS is founded in Winkel near Bülach as a sole proprietorship by Arturo, a graduate engineer from ETH Zurich. Start with projects for Camille Bauer (PPS), NCR (Configuration System). Slogan: “Integral customized software development”.
Sandoz (Invoicing Direct Sales Basel), production planning for WISAR.
Order processing and invoicing system for Acifer (reinforcing steel). DEVIGUS moves to Bülach, already 6 employees. DEVIGUS zieht nach Bülach um, bereits 6 Mitarbeiter.
DEVIGUS becomes a stock corporation. NCR Electronic Pricebook, the “Sandoz AGRO Business Planning” software is being further developed.
Development of a management reporting and consolidation system for Ascom.
Conception and development of a group consolidation software with KPMG and Ascom.
DEVIGUS moves to the Villa Kühn in Zug in December, not all employees move with them. Now that FoxSoftware belongs to Microsoft, we are “on board” with Microsoft.
DEVIGUS is very successful with its development environment Visual FoxPro and its own framework VFX, which Arturo Devigus develops together with Andrea De Paoli.
DEVIGUS presents Visual FoxPro 3.0 at the Orbit in Basel at the Microsoft booth. A tool for risk management is developed for Zurich Insurance (Athena). First version of our accreditation and documentary collection system AKKRESA for Basler Chemie.
Sandoz and Ciba merge to form Novartis, Novartis continues to use the business planning software, and DEVIGUS develops new versions. Creation of the first solution for the International Division of Swisslife based on Visual FoxPro.
First orders for UBS AG in the area of securities, start with maintenance of existing applications.
First version of the shareholders' meeting software based on Fox Pro.
The new Microsoft .NET platform is recognized as strategic, and consistent alignment with this platform begins. Debit, Credit, Payroll, Stock for Stadtwerke Konstanz (balance sheet for electricity, gas, water, buses and ferries).
The first big .NET/C# project is realized for Swisslife: Dolphin. Novartis Agro merges with Astra Zeneca's agro business to form Syngenta, the business planning software continues to be used by Syngenta, and DEVIGUS develops a new version.
GVMANAGER, meanwhile running on SQL Server, is successful on the market.
Sympact, a .NET/C# version for strategic planning, will be implemented for Syngenta. A new share register for registered shares under Swiss law will also be developed under .NET/C#: AREGIS. This project is the largest in the company's history.
The development of the AREGIS share register is in full swing. At the same time, we are working on the Dolphin project for Swisslife and on the Business Planning Tool Sympact for Syngenta.
With the new .NET/C# product GVMANAGER another successful project is realized, which complements our share register optimally. Successful introduction of AREGIS at UBS and CSG.
Introduction of a Total Quality Management System according to ISO 9004, certification according to ISO 9001 in Q2/2005 “After the intensive AREGIS development phase”.
Successful introduction of AREGIS at Swisslife.
Implementation of the Nestlé Share Register for launch in January 2008.
Introduction of the Nestlé share register. From a pure software provider to a service provider of the entire business process around share register management and the shareholders' meeting: DEVIGUS has customers in ASP and BPO for share register management. AREGIS is already in use with 10 customers by the end of 2007, and 650,000 shareholders are already being managed with AREGIS and over 100 shareholders' meetings are being handled with GVMANAGER!
As of 31.12.2008 DEVIGUS takes over all rights to the self-developed software products AREGIS and GVMANAGER. This will lay an important foundation stone for even more successful market development in the area of shareholder services for share registers and shareholders' meetings.
On the occasion of the information event “E-voting at general meetings with the electronic proof of identity SuisseID” on 14th of September, DEVIGUS presents its platform GVMANAGER Online for online shareholders' meetings integrated with GVMANAGER. The SM calendar also provides an online tool for conveniently viewing SM dates and locations in a consolidated, multi-year calendar view. The move to the new, external computer centre, which complies with the strict IT security outsourcing regulations of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), forms the basis for further growth in Shareholder Services.
Our software GVMANAGER for the preparation and execution of shareholders' meetings continues the success story in 2011 with the following impressive facts: 127 shareholders' meetings, 1,630,000 invited shareholders, 45,000 participants.
On 01.01.2012 our information security management system according to ISO 27001 will be introduced. In this way, we guarantee increased data security and verifiable compliance with data protection.
For the first time in Switzerland, a shareholder portal developed by us with comprehensive protection of voting secrecy will be used for the UBS Annual Shareholders' Meeting. The transparent integration into the UBS web presence, the high user comfort and the current uniqueness of this solution form another striking imprint in our company history.
The successful expansion of our Shareholder Services offering is entering the next round with important new customers: Bossard Holding AG, BKW AG, Airopack Technology Group AG, as well as Syngenta AG, the largest customer to date, who has entrusted us with the complete business process outsourcing. Our new Shareholder Services Operation Center will also be inaugurated this year.
Our Shareholder Services Operation Center is proving its worth in another successful SM season 2015 with a larger processing volume and continued excellent process quality. The measures for handling a further significant increase in the number of customers will be implemented on a sustainable basis.
The preparations to be able to handle a significantly increased number of customers in a permanently improved process quality are bearing fruit. In the years 2016 to 2017, further well-known customers will be added: SGS AG, EMS-CHEMIE AG, COMET Holding AG, Vontobel Holding AG and the Luzerner Kantonalbank.
With the addition of Sika AG, Zug Estates Holding AG, Inficon Holding AG, Panalpina World Transport (Holding) Ltd., Banque Cantonale du Valais, Helvetia Holding AG, Landis+Gyr Group AG and Arbonia AG, we have achieved the largest new customer growth to date. And here, too, our investments in information security and our total quality management system are bearing fruit: all new customers were handled absolutely flawlessly and with the same high level of customer satisfaction.