With the increasing spread of electronic voting at shareholders' meetings, there is more and more demand for simple solutions that can be controlled safely by all without avoidable risks and at attractive overall costs. The result is a new generation of functional, safe and fast Televoter with a puristic, minimalist design.

We want to offer our customers excellent Shareholder Services solutions from a single source. It is important to cover the entire service chain for shareholders' meetings, including Televoters and the entire IT infrastructure required. Only in this way can we remain competitive and proactively generate additional customer benefits.

Reducing complexity means breaking new ground, consciously breaking with existing concepts, opening up to new ideas, excellence, and remaining free and focused on the essential. The reduction to the essentials was therefore consistently at the heart of our new Televoter. From our own experience, we know how much effort a shareholders' meeting involves with a Televoter voting system with display.

Right here we had to leave the beaten track.

The deliberate focus on the essential, with three buttons for the delivery of the choice, resulted in “an ingeniously simple system that is simply ingenious” - Easy to prepare, without having to load data onto the individual Televoters. At the entrance desk, scanning the barcode is sufficient to complete the entrance. Simply scan the barcode at the helpdesk to present the Televoter operations to the shareholder.

The simplest solutions to a given task are always the most sustainable. We are True to the motto “Only as complicated as necessary”.

  • The complexity of existing Televoters

    Many of the Televoters used on the market today for electronic radio voting at shareholders' meetings are highly complex and therefore involve a great deal of effort, risk and expense. The use of a screen leads to a whole series of consequences.

    Technical risks and limitations are increasing:

    • In order to cover the high power consumption, complex charging concepts with rechargeable batteries must be implemented.
    • Attaching transport cases or using docking stations is time-consuming and error-prone.
    • Changing defective notebooks becomes more cumbersome due to the numerous, complex components.
    • Due to the higher weight of the Televoters, only around 50 Televoters per case can be transported and made available.

    Higher preparation effort:

    • The data presented on the screen must be prepared and optimized for use on the Televoter display in all desired languages, released and loaded.
    • The same applies to all items on the agenda, whether regular or only to be voted on.

    The commitment at the Annual General Meeting is associated with a lot of additional effort and risks:

    • The shareholder's data must be loaded via docking stations or other procedures when it is sent to the Televoter.
    • In connection with the necessary change of the transport case after every 50 entries, the whole process is slowed down considerably.
    • The time required for entry will be longer and, as a result, more entry counters will have to be provided.

    The effort is also costly for the participating shareholder:

    • Relatively extensive explanations on the use of the Televoter are required.
    • Scrolling multiple reconciliations in a series can cause problems. Prepared agenda items, which are not voted on after all, can be confusing.
    • Touch display offers getting used to haptics and feedback.
    • Colour contrasts to represent a made choice are limited.

    Further aspects for the participating shareholder and the company must also be taken into account:

    • Hygiene of a touch display.
    • Danger of breakage if dropped.
    The total costs of a complex Televoter system with display are considerable.
  • The advantages of our new, minimalistic Televoter

    By consistently omitting something that you can be dispense with, you only keep the essentials. The elimination of the display leads to a positive chain of effects, which minimize the overall complexity and thus also reduce the overall effort. In combination with the best available radio technology with high security and fast processing speed, the right priorities were set.

    Technical advantages:

    • No power consumption due to the elimination of the display and graphics chip.
    • Televoters can be operated with the same batteries all year round.
    • No charging connections.
    • Due to the significantly lower weight of the Televoters, 100 Televoters can be easily transported per case and practically made available.
    • A change of defective notebooks takes place immediately and without any effect on the Televoters.

    Easier preparation phase:

    • Not data or agenda texts to be displayed to prepare and load.

    The use at the shareholders' meeting is associated with considerably less effort and risk:

    • The simple scanning of the barcode on the Televoter is sufficient to carry out the entry.
    • No data is to be loaded onto the Televoter when entering. The time required for entry is considerably shorter. As a result, fewer inlet switches need to be installed.
    • No charging stations and no docking stations are necessary.
    • Display texts can be changed at short notice without deviations on a Televoter display.
    • Prepared agenda items that cannot be voted on do not interfere anywhere on a Televoting display.

    It is also much easier for the participating shareholder to use the system:

    • Simplest, self-explanatory three-button system for the choice. No extensive explanations on the use of the Televoter required. Guided voting.
    • Natural feel and feedback.
    • Unique user feedback through powerful and state-of-the-art, flexibly dimmable colour LEDs (green, orange, red for yes, abstention, no).

    Further aspects for the participating shareholder and the company:

    • Minimalist ultra-modern design in anthracite, without logo or corporate design elements with soft-touch feel.
    • No hygiene problems, no risk of breakage when dropped. Radio technology with high safety and fast processing.
    The total savings potential from direct Televoter rental costs to preparation and implementation is significant. And this with state-of-the-art radio technology, high security and fast processing speed.