Shareholders’ Meeting

With a successful Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, you can sustainably strengthen your corporate governance and build trust. This is far more than a mandatory event. Properly implemented, the Shareholders’ Meeting serves as one of the most important means of communication for the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. The constructive dialogue between shareholders, shareholder associations, analysts and the press with the entire management of your company is promoted and thereby active image cultivation is pursued. Reasons enough not to leave this important occasion unused. Give your Shareholders’ Meeting the appropriate status! Benefit from our many years of experience and our state-of-the-art IT solutions from the GVMANAGER software system to the optional E-Voting!

Also developed by us like AREGIS, GVMANAGER enables the reliable and shareholder-friendly preparation and holding of Shareholders’ meetings, starting with the notification of shareholders, through the processing of admission ticket orders, the granting of proxies and admission control, to the execution of votes and presentations of results, if requested with E-Voting in a matter of seconds. GVMANAGER and AREGIS have the same program philosophy and user guidance. Both programs have automated data interfaces.

Tailored to your needs

As with our share register solution, our products and services can be used in various operating modes as required:

At the Shareholders’ meeting there are a number of activities, and different forms of operation. Depending on the requirements of the company, it is possible to conduct votes only orally, with tellers, or with system support in written form and even by using E-Voting. Below you will find an overview of the activities that we carry out with the support we offer, as well as information on the various types of shareholders’ meetings:

  • We support you in all matters concerning your Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

    The following is a list of the typical activities that arise in connection with the preparation and implementation of a shareholders’ Meeting:

    • Kick-off meeting for the shareholders’ meeting and director's meeting
    • Setting up the client in GVMANAGER with basic parameterization and import of the data of the notified shareholders, including quality control
    • Optional setup for automated scanner return for automated OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) with fully integrated reading in GVMANAGER
    • Creating the ticket layout
    • Processing of returns either manually or automatically (scanner with OMR): admission tickets, authorizations and publication orders
    • Creation and dispatch of admission tickets and publication orders
    • Creation of standard management reports with overview of cards and powers of attorney
    • Delta imports during the preparation phase with corresponding operations if necessary (for shareholders without holdings, for example, a card must be blocked; a recovery letter can be created optionally)
    • Transport of the material to the SM day and commissioning, optional with radio components for televoter use, main sample optional (technical staff)
    • SM material handling on site with the supply of the required support
    • Dismantling and return transport of the material
    • Evaluations as required