The Ordinance against Excessive Remuneration in Listed Companies (VegüV) imposes the obligation for stock corporations whose shares are listed on the stock exchange to issue instructions electronically to the Independent Proxy as of the 2015 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. With the E-Voting Portal ➤ GVMANAGER Online, we offer our GVMANAGER customers a fully integrated solution for ordering admission tickets and issuing proxies electronically at no additional cost. Thanks to consistent data separation, the GVMANAGER Online portal meets the highest requirements for information security and data protection. The additional encryption of the proxies issued sets new standards in the protection of voting secrecy and verifiability.

A prerequisite for the use of the GVMANAGER Online platform is the use of our GVMANAGER solution for the preparation and handling of the Shareholders’ Meeting in the form of a main installation and an optional UNAB secondary installation. The chosen GVMANAGER online solution takes into account that many GVMANAGER customers operate their share register with software that is independent of DEVIGUS Shareholder Services. GVMANAGER Online was therefore also developed for this target group and set up in our data centre

Overview of the advantages of a GVMANAGER Online solution integrated with the SM system over other, non-integrated online portals

  • Fully automatic configuration of agenda items, documents and publications from the GVMANAGER main system (flexibility and convenience)
  • Use of the already recorded agenda items directly in the online portal (efficiency and security)
  • No data delivery of shareholder codes or holdings to a third party (data protection)
  • Authorizations and admission ticket orders recorded on the portal flow into the SM system without manual data transfer (efficiency and security, no manipulation risks).
  • Safeguarding voting secrecy through encryption and electronic verification (voting secrecy and data protection)
  • Direct feedback on the portal regarding the receipt of the signed power of attorney and its use (process security and transparency)
  • Direct feedback on the portal regarding the receipt of ticket orders and their dispatch status (process reliability and transparency)