In the field of software engineering, DEVIGUS' customers include companies such as UBS, Credit Suisse, Swiss Life, Syngenta, Novartis, Metro Group, Ciba, Zurich Insurance and Roche. In these customized and highly specialized projects, competence, trust and quality are indispensable success factors. DEVIGUS has excellent references and has made a name for itself through the implementation of numerous successful software projects.

Here is a selection of our project experience. Click on the respective area to learn more!

  • Framework for the development of database applications under .NET

    The comprehensive application development framework for easy development of database applications under Microsoft .NET. The development of database applications in the Microsoft .NET environment is simple at first glance and promises a sufficient level of productivity. However, when it comes to implementing standardized and cost-efficiently maintainable software in a team of developers, many detailed questions must be addressed and extensive concepts implemented in practice.

  • Insurance pooling of a multinational corporation

    For Swisslife International, a division of Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt, we have developed comprehensive customized software for pooling personal insurance policies for multinational corporations. Within the Swisslife Network, the system manages contracts of over 50 network partners from more than 40 countries and has a web part for the network partners and a Windows part for its own employees in Switzerland, Asia and America.

  • Administration of insurance policies for employees working abroad

    Our customer, ASN AG, is specialized in the successful handling of foreign assignments of employees, in particular insurance issues. With the customized software TEC, we have developed a comprehensive Windows and web application that allows insurance companies to define insurance policies flexibly and make them available to ASN customers. Customers and their employees can access their data via the web application.

  • Strategic planning of the worldwide use of agrochemicals

    Sympact was developed for our customer, Syngenta AG in Basel, in collaboration with their IT department. The modern, multi-layer Windows application is used all over the world. Sympact is used to gather global market information relating to Syngenta products and includes all major competing products. It is their main tool for marketing and business planning.

  • Share Register management of registered shares according to Swiss law

    AREGIS is a multi-client share register for registered shares under Swiss law. A flexible add-on architecture allows customization to specific customer needs without changing the core application. All known booking types with automated SIS connection including AREG Data are supported. Address changes and stock reconciliations that can be carried out automatically are also integrated, as are all functions that are required for depositing the shares directly in the share register. The comprehensive range of services also includes the processing of all known corporate actions and income as well as a fully integrated scanner solution with online document management. Together with GVMANAGER, this application forms the basis for our Shareholder Services Operations.

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  • Preparation and holding of general meetings

    GVMANAGER is a multi-client capable software for holding general meetings. In addition to registered shares, bearer shares and other types of meetings can also be supported. Flexible add-on architecture allows customization to specific customer needs without changing the core application. The system supports the notification of shareholders, the ordering of admission tickets and the granting of power of attorney, the entrance desk on the day of the meeting as well as voting including the presentation of the voting results. A radio voting system available for this purpose additionally accelerates the voting processes and reduces waiting times during the meeting to a minimum. Together with the share register application AREGIS, this application forms the basis for our Shareholder Services Operations.

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