A number of skills and methods are required in IT consulting. Through professional project management, which we have consistently built up as part of our total quality management, we can tackle any task professionally.

Above all, it is crucial that sufficient understanding of the industry and problem specific conditions on the one hand and the information technology aspects on the other hand flow into the consultation. This is exactly one of the strengths of DEVIGUS. The combination of the management consultant and the software developer in the form of a competent IT corporate consulting contributes significantly to the success of sophisticated overall solutions. The consultant listens to both sides - the user and the developer - equally. Optimal, mutual alignment of requirements and needs enables very efficient solutions to be found. Very often it is the case that the users understand little or understand absolutely nothing about the developers and vice versa. This is in the nature of things. The most intelligent and inventive solutions will succeed if, on the one hand, an attempt is made to build a mutual understanding of simplifications and complications based on requirements and, on the other hand, on IT implementation. That's how we work. And this is one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.

In today's IT landscape, which is characterized by an almost unmanageable abundance of offers and partly functionally overlapping software solutions, it is necessary to advise in a targeted manner and according to the requirements. Very often the simplest solutions can be found by minimal adaptation or redesign of individual sub-processes or requirements. For us, IT solutions are always only as complicated as necessary. This approach runs like a red thread through all our activities.

Our consulting very often begins with the inclusion of requirements for a new IT system to be designed. We use our analytical skills to capture, document and present processes with professional tools and a structured approach. The resulting dialogue serves to bring users and developers closer together in order to find the simplest solution to the problem by mutual understanding. By definition, this is always the best.